Auditor General likes arts council performance

Leaders of Vancouver’s arts and cultural organizations have long believed our city should wind up the Office of Cultural Affairs, which now rules city arts funding, in favour of an arms-length arts council run by the arts community itself.

I agree. I believe a Vision council should create an independent arts council for Vancouver.

My friend Heather Redfern, executive director of the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, advises that Canada’s Auditor General has just reviewed the Canada Council. The review concluded that the council’s systems in “grant management, governance, strategic planning, performance measurement and reporting and human resources provide it with reasonable assurance that its assets are safeguarded and controlled, that its resources are managed economically and efficiently, and that its operations are carried out effectively.”

Even more important, the audit found that grants are administered in a “fair, consistent and objective manner,” free from political interference or conflicts of interest. Read the full report here.