Meet Sarah Blyth, candidate for Vision park board slate

Unless you’ve had the chance to meet Sarah Blyth, as I have, you might not know that she:
• created the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition, resulting in the creation of five skate parks in the city of Vancouver as well as a relaxation of regulations regarding skateboards;
• is a committed environmentalist with experience at SPEC and the Environmental Youth Alliance;
• speaks Spanish and has spent several months in Ecuador on a number of occasions working at the community level on organic farming and other community development work;
• is a frequent contributor to Momentum magazine, many local and international publications, including Snowboard Canada, Skateboard Canada, EXPN, and a popular Vancouver blog; and
• is the mother of a very patient four-year-old (Bino) who sticks with her on her political rounds.
Sarah is just one of a very strong group of park board candidates seeking nomination on Vision Vancouver’s park board team, but she’s the first I met and she’s been a great supporter. You can learn more about Sarah and her campaign here and here. She has the personal values and organizational skills I believe will make her a great park board commissioner.