Yaletown, Green Jobs, SPOTA, Helping Hands

Despite the dramatic economic and political news nationally and internationally, Vancouverites want to talk civic politics. This morning I joined Gregor Robertson for a walk around Bloc 5B with some Yaletown residents who are concerned about impending development plans proposed by Concord Pacific. From there it was off to the Carnegie Centre for the Green Jobs Day of Action, a photo petition, organized by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. (During a one-hour period, Gregor, Raymond Louie, George Chow and Heather Deal also dropped by to join the photo petition.) From there, George and I headed to the Strathcona Community Centre for a two-hour discussion with members of the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association, who outlined their concerns about affordable housing, crime and the future of the proposed new library, which would destroy the heritage Heatley Block at Hastings and Heatley. Our day ended, along with almost every other politician in town, at the fundraising dinner of the Multicultural Helping House Society, an outstanding support centre for immigrants.

Rey Umlas, left, with Gregor, centre and me and friends at the Multicultural Helping House fundraising dinner.