Month: September 2008

Garr puts Geoff at the top of his council list

In today’s Courier Allen Garr provides his recommendations for tomorrow’s Vision council nominations, saying he “would put Geoff Meggs at the top of the list.”

VANOC takes Vision colours for Games theming

Today’s Globe and Mail reports that the 2010 Winter Olympic Games will use Vision’s trademark blue and green colours for street banners, hats, clothes and much more. Personally, I have no problem with this provided VANOC has negotiated… Read More

Tieleman endorses Geoff for Vision council team

Bill Tieleman sets out his picks for Vision’s council team in today’s issue of 24 Hours — including me.

Geoff’s comments at the Vision all-candidates’ forum

Friends: When we met three short years ago to found Vision Vancouver, there were fewer people in the room than there are on this stage. And today we have more than 16,000 members. Because the people of this… Read More