Vision council doubles spending on cycling

Five pieces of good news for cyclists from City Hall today:

1. Council unanimously approved my motion to double spending on cycling infrastructure this year to $3.4 million by reallocating funds earmarked for car-oriented street improvements.  (This will still leave 89 percent of the spending on car-oriented improvements, but allow city staff to fix many of the traffic problems plaguing the city’s bike routes.)

Changes this year will include:

  • More diverters, traffic calming and bike storage;
  • 30 kph speed limits on bikeways;
  • Improved cycle connections to 2010 Games venues.

2. Council unanimously approved a motion calling on staff to renew the 10-year old bicycle plan as part of a new city transportation plan, with an emphasis on segregated bike lanes as the new standard for bike infrastructure.

3. Council funded at least 17 new pedestrian or cyclist-activated signal crossings to improve bikeway crossings at major thoroughfares.

4. Council approved car-free trials in four neighbourhoods – Collingwood, Gastown, Mount Pleasant and Commercial Drive.

5. Approved, in principle, a “ciclovia” event proposed by the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, with funding of up to $50,000, subject to creation of a plan the city manager deems viable within the budget and staff resources. The “ciclovia” that could see a stretch of Vancouver’s waterfront roads opened for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorized traffic.

Details of these reports here.