2002 Winter Olympics as experienced in Park City, Utah

Highlights of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games experience in Park City, Utah, as reported at Terasen’s UBCM reception tonight by Salt Lake Olympic board trustee Bill Malone, in no particular order:

  • public library closed for the month of February and rented to Norway;
  • Bud House a huge hit, especially the Budweiser Clydesdales;
  • post-Games survey of retailers found 65 percent in favour of hosting another major event, remainder of sample “not sure” or “never again;”
  • achieved 91 percent recycling of trash and litter, above target of 85 percent;
  • nearby Ogden, Utah, landed 12 winter sports companies as local employers and/or manufacturers;
  • average annual skier-days at resort rose to 1.8 million after Games compared to 1.1 million before games;
  • new “sense of confidence as a community that we can match any challenge;”
  • crime rate declined, perhaps due to post 9-11 concentration of security and military;
  • highly-trained volunteer force a key factor in attracting major sporting events winter and summer ever since;
  • Olympic bylaw enforcement tally: hundreds of verbal warnings, 50 written warnings, four citations.

Main mistake: “too quick to get back to normal.” Within months, no visible sign the Games had visited Park City.