Beauty and the Bike: separated lanes explained

Just as interest in the proposal to provide a two-way separated bike lane on the Dunsmuir Viaduct hit fever pitch, former Bicycle Advisory Committee chair Bonnie Fenton, now resident in Germany, sent along the excerpt below from a new documentary that explains the need for bicycle infrastructure.

Called Beauty and the Bike, it compares the experiences of young women cyclists in Darlington, in the United Kingdom, and Bremen, Germany.

“In the preview,” Fenton writes, “you see the stark difference between the attitudes of the politicians in Bremen (take road space for cyclists) and in Darlington (put cyclists out of the way of cars), and in the full film, one of the most telling lines I found was when one of the Bremen girls (who rides her bike all the time) says she’s not sure she’d do that if she lived in Darlington (where the facilities are rare to non-existent).”

How to combine beauty and bikes? Fenton says the “the conclusion they arrive at is (and I quote) ‘it’s the infrastructure, stupid!’”

You can read more about the entire 55-minute film here.