2010 transit triumph puts Victoria’s promise to “fix” Translink in new perspective

The 2010 Games were an acid test for Translink and the region’s transportation engineers: get athletes to every event on time, move 30 percent of drivers off the road, run the system flat out for the better part of a month, set new records for capacity and efficiency.

If they failed when the eyes of the world were on them, they could count on Victoria to make their lives nasty, brutish and short.

As Frances Bula points out in today’s Globe, they have exceeded all expectations, shattering previous ridership records and moving unprecedented volumes of people.

Translink is the public corporation that Victoria loves to hate. A comptroller general’s report was cooked up to seek evidence of waste in Translink, with limited results.

Regional consensus on a massive investment in public transit was torpedoed last fall by Transportation Minister Shirley Bond.

Finally, February’s Throne Speech made this ominous pledge:

The success of the new Canada Line has reinforced government’s commitment to invest record amounts in public transit, fix TransLink and get on with the Evergreen Line.

Fix Translink? Which part is broken?

Bring on the record investment, but please save the fixes for a real problem.