Will new relationships spring up at former Concord “boneyard?”

Concord Pacific’s decision to close its “boneyard” — a storage yard for cranes and construction equipment adjacent to the Plaza of Nations — removes a major bone of contention with neighbours.

Residents at City Gate and nearby condominium towers hated the sight of the equipment, which Concord had stored there for many years. When the site was cleared to make way for Olympic operations, they hoped Concord would shut the yard for good. Last month Concord confirmed that would be the case.

It’s a positive move, particularly as the city works with Northeast False Creek developers, community leaders and other stakeholders to seek ways to expedite delivery of the Creekside Park extension on the north shore of creek.

That project, which resulted from an amendment I incorporated in approval of the Northeast False Creek High Level Review development plan, could produce great results if all parties remain focused on finding solutions, rather than sources of conflict.