Pundits may be judging Non-Partisan Association too harshly

Reports about last night’s Annual General Meeting of the Non-Partisan Association indicate the organization remains divided about whether or not it’s a political party but united on the view it should not have policy or consult with voters before the election.  The meeting rejected the idea of policy development but approved a process to consider a name change, ideally using the same initials.

(If a name change is approved, perhaps it should be the No Policy Association.)

Despite the criticism, there could be merit in a no-policy approach. No policy would mean no election promises and therefore no possibility of betraying campaign pledges.

At the Vision Vancouver AGM, which attracted three times as many people (250), there was a report from the Mayor on how the Vision council is progressing on implementing is policy. Is Vision a party? It didn’t come up, but there was definitely a party afterwards.