Translink insists Canada Line has lots of capacity to support new development

The hugely-popular Canada Line is nowhere near its capacity to carry travellers to and from future development along Cambie, according to Translink.

Former NPA Park Commissioner Bill McCreery argued last week that the train is so full it would be folly to build more development near stations like Marine Drive and Oakridge.

But Translink says there’s lots of room to expand Canada Line service. In a note to the Mayor’s Council, Peggy Hunt, manager of government relations, says the line currently can handle 10,640 passengers per hour, north and south combined, using 14 of the 20, two-car gtrain sets between 6.30 a.m and 7 p.m  More trains can be added at peak periods.

In August, 2011,  time between trains in daytime service (6.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.) will be reduced to 3.33 minutes from 3.75 minutes, increasing peak service capacity to 12,020 per hour. (These calculations assume 334 passengers per car.)

With even more trains and increased trip frequency, that number could rise to 30,000 passengers per hour, north and south combined.