Geller seeks end to OV social housing “political football”

Jim Green’s Sun op-ed on the Olympic Village social housing controversy, linked here yesterday, touched off unprecedented huffing and puffing from the individuals targetted.

NPA blogonaut Mike Klassen found the piece “abhorrent,” demanded an apology and declared the whole affair another product of the “Vision Vancouver bully machine.” (You can find the link for yourself.) All I can say is, these guys can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it.

Michael Geller, once alerted to my post, e-mailed me directly, saying “Geoff, if you were a mensch, you would link to my response.”

Who wouldn’t want to be a mensch, particularly when unmensch means “evil” and “cruel?” So here you go. Scroll down far enough and you’ll find a useful list of 12 reasons for the very difficult situation the Vision found when it took office from  . . . the other guys.

Deep within the thousands of words flooding the blogosphere on this topic, I found these from Mr. Geller:

It is time for politicians and former politicians, worried about the next election, to stop treating this [Olympic Village] community as a political football. I am concerned that Vancouver’s international reputation is suffering in part due to the unfounded accusations against the community.

Amen. I assume this is the last we will hear from him on this topic.