They’re miserable in Toronto, but Vancouver is sad, too. Cheer up, people!

No doubt this news that Toronto is the saddest place in Canada provoked a lot of smirks out here in Lotusland.  The massive review by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards found Sherbrooke’s citizens the happiest in the land, and lots of good cheer in Victoria, too.

But where is Vancouver? The news (see page 22) is not good. We only somewhat happier than Toronto, where 88.5 percent claim to be pretty satisfied with life,  and sadder than the national average (90.85), with only 90.22 percent of the Metro Vancouver sample feeling good.

This is no surprise to anyone who has to read a city councillor’s mail. There’s a lot of unhappiness out there, often for good reason.

But seriously, let’s cheer up, everyone. Surely life here is better than Abbotsford, no matter what the study says.