First Hornby traffic stats show no change in morning travel time, minor increase in afternoon, 600 cyclists a day

The first round of Hornby bike lane statistics is in and the results give grounds for optimism: traffic travel times remain the same in the morning, are about 60 seconds longer in the afternoon, and bike trips are a solid 600 a day, even in miserable January weather.

The story in brief:.

  • Based on preliminary findings, cyclists are using the separated bike lane on Hornby Street regularly;
  • Usage is growing, and the latest mid-week average ridership was 600 bikes per day in January, with numbers expected to rise heading into the spring and summer;
  • vehicle travel times along Hornby Street are unchanged on weekday mornings; and
  • travel times have increased by one minute (from 5½ to 6½ minutes) on weekday afternoons . . . equivalent to one traffic signal cycle. 

The city has also installed new digital parkade signs at EasyPark lots at Pacific Centre and another at 900 West Cordova. The signs, connected to on site parking-space monitoring equipment, indicate how many parking spaces are currently available inside each parkade.