It’s clear Georgia Viaducts can be removed, says Bing Thom, but challenge now is to show alternatives

It’s clear the city’s traffic demands can be managed now and in the future without the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts, provided sufficient attention is paid to rapid transit investment and new connections for goods movement.

City consultant David Turner said as much at SFU’s April forum on the future of the viaucts.

But what are the alternatives for this critical area in the heart of the city? Like former city planner Larry Beasley, architect Bing Thom believes the city’s urban design and architecture professionals need to provide answers.

That’s why Thom and many others are urging changes in the second phase of the city’s review of the viaduct’s future to include urban design and financial considerations. Leaders of all the neighbouring community groups, who I met with last week, feel the same way.

The final report on the first phase is now expected to come to council in June.