Growing cycling as a transit option: the view from behind the handlebars

Now that the sun is coming out, cycle traffic on the Hornby bike lane is surging, heading above 1,100 trips per day or about double what it was a month ago.

That’s great news, particularly given the very limited traffic and parking impacts measured by the city’s engineering department.

Here, reprinted with permission, is an e-mail I received May 18 from a commuter cyclist whose decision to begin riding closely mirrors my own experience: if we build it, the trips will come.

Councillor Meggs,

This morning on the CBC I heard you say that you’ve heard some negative feedback regarding the bike lanes in Vancouver.

For a change, here is some positive feedback and a big thank you.

The Kits Point to Hastings and Burrard commute by bike takes less than 20 minutes, quicker than by either bus or car, is free, and has provided me with invaluable exercise.

I have experienced only positive things after starting riding to work two years ago after decades of inertia. As the bike storage room at my office (the Daon Building) has seen a steady increase in usage, and today is filled to capacity with over 20 bikes, I think I’m not alone.

The bike lane on Horby provides a sense of comfort and security, an important element for a father of three approaching 50. I encourage additional bike lane development.

Thank you for your efforts in regards to making bicycling in Vancouver safer and I look forward to riding on an ever expanding bike lane network.

Best Regards,

Adam Smith