Clark torpedoes Translink deal, throws Lekstrom under Evergreen Line

Premier Christy Clark’s sudden apparent rejection of last week’s deal to fund the Evergreen Line, which included a gas tax increase and a property tax lift, could not only torpedo the deal completely, it destroys Transport Minister Blair Lekstrom’s credibility.

Translink is coming to the Metro Vancouver board next week with a proposed funding supplement reflecting the deal announced between Lekstrom and Metro Mayors. Is there anything to discuss in the wake of Clark’s comments?

Now Clark wants to give the Mayors “a little more time to think about some of these issues.” But it was Victoria that imposed the deadline for an Evergreen deal. The concept of including a gas tax increase, first floated by the Mayors, was incorporated in a framework agreement proposal from Lekstrom to the Mayors on ministerial letterhead.

So much for Lekstrom. Evidently communication between his office and the Premier’s West Annex is weak.