Solution to transit “buslock” may lie in carbon tax and regional bridge tolls, Harcourt tells council

A long-term solution to “buslock” on the Broadway corridor, says former Premier Mike Harcourt, will only come with new regional transit investment funded by carbon tax and perhaps new tolls on regional bridges.

Harcourt, who was at council to endorse the Greenest City Action Plan, favours a bored tunnel on Broadway from VCC Clark to Arbutus, all linked to an at-grade rail connection from downtown to UBC. (It’s one option under review by Translink.)

Harcourt’s toll idea had already been floated, according to news reports, by the Surrey Board of Trade, which notes that key bridges across the Fraser, except the Alex Fraser, are already tolled.

The result would be similar to a congestion charge if all the key bridges to Vancouver got the same treatment. With Premier Christy Clark and Transport Minister Blair Lekstrom now back on the same page on transit funding, who knows? It could happen.