Another sleepy California weekend: LA Carmageddon a no-show; cyclists beat plane in Burbank – Long Beach race

It was to be the biggest traffic catastrophe since the creation of bike lanes on the Burrard Bridge: a weekend closure of LA’s crucial 405 freeway that would paralyze Los Angeles.

But like so many traffic congestion nightmares, “Carmageddon” didn’t materialize. People walked, took a bus, cycled, drove other routes or just stayed home.

Suddenly, nothing happened. It’s possible, just possible, LA could do better with fewer cars.

Craziest outcome of the day? An airline offering stranded drivers discount flights from Burbank to Long Beach found itself in a head-to-head race with a team of cyclists. A passenger leaving a Hollywood intersection at the same time the Wolfpack Hustle team put their pedals down but just leaving taking off when they arrived at Long Beach.

Of course, the airplane passenger didn’t have to shower.

Don’t be fooled: any change to Vancouver’s Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts could be devastating. Or not.