Housing action plan lays down markers to create homes for those who are neither very rich nor very poor

In a council agenda packed with significant items, the proposed 10-year Housing and Homelessness Strategy may be the most significant: a goal of 38,000 new homes, with the emphasis on help for the vast majority who don’t need social housing but can’t afford to buy in Vancouver’s super-heated housing market.

In this useful summary in today’s Sun, Councillor Raymond Louie lays out some of the far-reaching recommendations, which build on the success of the city’s Short Term Incentives for Rental Program.

The STIR, with 1,000 units already approved or in process, has doubled rental construction in the city since the last election. It is strongly opposed by the NPA, suggesting the upcoming election will be a good test of where people stand on the biggest problem facing the city — the lack of affordable housing.