Relief for Broadway commuters could be delayed — again — by provincial election timetable

Is relief in sight for commuters jammed on B-Line buses on Vancouver’s Broadway Corridor? That may depend on the outcome of the HST referendum and Premier Christy Clark’s election calculations.

Despite the dramatic growth in ridership since the 2010 Games, Translink has no funding to add new service, never mind complete the Evergreen Line. Evergreen construction would clear the way for final planning on the Broadway Corridor, where Translink’s options are getting positive reviews in the latest round of consultations.

The Translink Mayor’s Council meeting that must green light a new funding formula, including a proposed increase in the gas tax, is less than a month away. After some serious confusion, Premier Clark has endorsed Blair Lekstrom’s tentative agreement with the mayors on the gas tax, but the ever-fractious Mayor’s Council has some major players who are almost certain to oppose ratification.

If the debate is unfolding in the midst of a provincial election triggered by the HST referendum result, and on the eve of the Nov. 19 municipal elections, any outcome is possible. Riders, hold on tight.