Leg-in-shoe discovery in False Creek raises troubling questions, old memories

A TV show featuring families cooking was taping yesterday in Leg in Boot Square, oblivious to the grisly leg-in-shoe discovery unfolding nearby at the Plaza of Nations.

Question: why did the latest leg-in-a-shoe discovery, found floating near the Plaza of Nations yesterday, bypass Leg in Boot Square on the south side of the Creek?

The latest floating foot is not the first such find in Vancouver, as news reports suggest. Leg In Boot Square is actually named after a similar discovery made about a century ago on the south side of the Creek. (I live nearby.)

But the square, intended as animated public space in the middle of the city’s first sustainable neighbourhood has always been — dare I say it? — pretty much a dead zone unless a television show is filming, as it is this week.

What message does this latest discovery carry? The public has a right to know.