#greenestcity: Sun ‘shudders’ at Orwellian idea, but students jam universities to learn how it works

Today’s Sun is a perfect example of generational disconnect on how to tackle the city’s — and the planet’s — problems.

In the comment section, Harvey Enchin sees Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Greenest City Action Plan as an “Orwellian nightmare” with antecedents in the Soviet Union and Cuba.He seems to think the plan proposes to control population by ensuring water conservation: ” . . .the plan calls for restrictions on the water supply . . . People can’t live without water; they’ll have to get out of town or die.”

But alert readers will have noticed that on page 1,  “more students want to study green,” driving an expansion of post-secondary programs on sustainability. Every business now has a sustainability aspect, according to curriculum planners.

What must be even more disturbing for Enchin: the entire September issue of Scientific American is dedicated to green cities, including features like “How Green is My City?” and “All Climate is Local.” Whatever is the world coming to?