Vancouver council invites public to weigh in on Translink’s expansion plans

Vancouver city council today asked city transportation engineers to report to council Oct. 4 on Translink’s Moving Forward plan for transit expansion.

The report will give members of the public a chance to register their views on a plan that will grow bus service seven percent by 2013 as well as jumpstart construction of the Evergreen Skytrain extension to the Tricities.

Without the supplement — to be funded by two cents a litre n gas tax as well as $30 million from other sources, possibly property tax — transit service across Metro will flatline.

But service hours per capita would actually decline as population growth continues.

That would mean more pass-ups, more crush loads and more service delays as a straining system seeks to carry the load.

This program has to be completed before the region will even consider long-awaited investments in  Surrey and Vancouver, particularly along the Broadway Corridor where bus services already carry as many passengers daily as travel on the Millennium Line.

Council was told today that Vancouver has already achieved its 202 targets for shifting people out of cars to transit, except on the Central Broadway corridor, where we’re only half-way to the goal.

Meanwhile, the city’s Transportation 2040 consultation has found that 60 percent of of city residents have already made a shift to more walking, cycling and transit.

Another 60 percent hope to make those options provide more than half of their trips in the future. They won’t make it without transit expansion.