UBCM study finds municipal spending under control, business burden dropping

Contrary to claims by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the share of the municipal tax burden born by businesses in BC has actually declined during the last 20 years, according to UBCM president Barbara Steele.

The UBCM  has warned that  the CFIB’s call for a freeze on business property taxes would drive up the burden on homeowners by 14.5 percent or $230 a year.

Steele was repeating the findings of a UBCM study of municipal spending released in May in response to the call for a municipal auditor general. That study found that the increaasing cost of protective services and parks and recreation is increasing municipal spending, not waste.

In fact, the portion of total spending to basic overhead has actually declined. Why didn’t the CFIB know this? That’s not clear, given that 72 percent of mayors have private sector backgrounds.