OMG, how will I get downtown? A practical look at removing both viaducts

As media interest heats up in the re:CONNECT competition to re-imagine the Georgia Viaducts and East False Creek flats, more people are wondering how they’ll get downtown if the Viaducts are gone.

Phase 1 of the city’s study confirmed that there are no “deal-breakers” to worry about — traffic is declining anyway, will continue to decline as transit is built and new connections are relatively straightforward. Removal of one viaduct in five years would produce little traffic impact.

One submission focuses on just this point. Although architect Craig Henschel missed the deadline and is not in contention for a prize, the former appointee to the city’s development permit board  advisory panel shows one way Georgia and Dunsmuir could be connected to existing roads on the ground. There are other options, but this is one.

OMG, you will get downtown!