Unicorn crossing on Viaducts? Can unicorns swim?

Columnist and radio host Stephen Quinn probes the outer reaches of the Georgia Viaducts proposals today with an intriguing mention of unicorns that he never develops.

Can unicorns swim? They would have to if  one of the more fanciful re:CONNECT ideas for the Viaducts — a very long open air swimming pool — was ever realized.

When you think about it, the unicorn idea is no more far-fetched than tax-funded radio without ads. And that seems to work.


I should point out, however, in response to a few messages, that an earlier post on reconnecting Georgia and Dunsmuir was not an endorsement of that particular proposal, just a note that such connections are possible.

Nor did it violate the double-blind judging competition, which I had no part of.

Craig Henschel, the person who submitted that concept, brought his work to my attention well after judging closed and noted that it had not been eligible for review because it missed the deadline. It is not in consideration for people’s choice awards, as far as I know.

So I am not endorsing one of the competitors, just pointing out that Henschel’s ineligible submission supports one of the findings of the first phase of this process: there are other ways to ensure Stephen Quinn gets to work, maybe even faster, provided unicorn traffic remains light.