The honorary Jim Green: from Downtown Eastside organizer to city-shaper

Just as the civic election campaign was reaching peak intensity on Nov. 5, World Planning Day, the Planning Institute of BC made former union activist, social housing developer and city councillor Jim Green an honorary member, someone who “shaped the city.”

Former city planner Nathan Edelson did a remarkable job of summarizing Jim’s planning career, one of several major careers he’s had so far, for the audience at the award ceremony. To his credit, Edelson reported the controversies as well as the achievements. His conclusion:

“In my view and that of so many others in the Downtown Eastside, throughout the city of Vancouver and indeed across Canada, Jim Green is seen as an incredible community builder who makes efforts – sometimes extraordinary efforts as with the Woodward public process – to engage local residents in decision making, but who at the end of the day gives  priority to concrete results.”

Read the full text of Edelson’s tribute here.