The BC Place sign debate: city asks PAVCO to do what it said it would do

When Vancouver city council voted unanimously yesterday to demand an action plan from the BC Pavilion Corp. to bring its new digital signs into compliance with city policies, the city was simply asking PAVCO to do what it has always said it would do.

Ultimately, the crown corporation can do what it wishes as a creature of the provincial government, but that has never been PAVCO’s approach.

From the very beginning of the rezoning process that led to the construction of the new roof, PAVCO worked through the city’s rezoning processes.

Just how that would happen was laid out in an Upgrade Commitment Agreement attached to council approval of the project. (The highlights, including PAVCO’s agreement “not to fetter council discretion regarding False Creek North Official Development Plan Amendments or otherwise,” are on page 40.)

The city has been a strong partner, agreeing to wave all community amenity charges in consideration of the roof construction and approving a whole range of new policies under the Northeast False Creek High Level Review to facilitate development. PAVCO overlooked the sign issue. It’s not too late to seek a resolution satisfactory to residents.