Main walking, cycling investments waiting for results of public input

When Vancouver city council voted to double capital spending on cycling infrastructure in 2009, it took only $1.5 million, taken from unallocated funds, to do the job.

This year’s capital spending reflects a wide range of capital planning changes, driven by the Greenest City Action Plan, to focus on “active transportation,” particularly walking, when it comes to priorizing transportation spending. Cycling is still there and the 2012 capital program will put $15.8 million into sidewalk, intersection and street improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.

While cycling spending is down a little from last year — the whole capital plan has been reduced since the Olympic spending ended — it remains much higher than 2008.

This year’s cycling work will include the 45th Ave. Bikeway from 37th to 59th and the Dumfries Bikeway from 37th to 59th,  as well as a range of spot improvements. Also on the list this year: the Comox Ave. bike route, in the queue for many years, which is now out for public consultation on final design.

Significantly more spending on active transportation is scheduled for 2013 and 2014 when consultation on the overall plan is complete. All this spending was approved by referendum in November.

Note to drivers: the roads budget, a separate budget line, is $33 million.