Stronger Vancouver voices needed to advocate Broadway rapid transit investments

Despite notorious overcrowding on Broadway’s B-Line bus service, which carries as many passenger in a day as Skytrain’s Milllennium Line, transit investment debates are raging everywhere in the region except Vancouver.

Some Mayors are angry at Translink’s plans for new investment in their region. New Westminster’s Wayne Wright and his council aren’t keen on Translink’s options for a new Patullo Bridge, so the city will do its own consultations. Burnaby’s Derek Corrigan is indignant about a study to run a gondola up Burnaby Mountain to Simon Fraser. Diane Watts wants light rail for Surrey, but she wants a complete audit of Translink before she works over the fundraising options.

Mayor Gregor Robertson is pushing for Broadway to be funded alongside Surrey Light Rail in the round of transit investment that will come after the Evergreen Line.   Translink’s report on the first round of Broadway Corridor consultations is due any day.

So where are the community advocates for Broadway? We hear plenty from UBC students fed up with the commute, but Vancouver’s Broadway business district, the second largest in the province, needs to join the fight for this vital investment.