Best-received Viaducts proposal — it calls for total removal — gathers support as key to revitalizing heart of city

Only one proposal in the city’s recent Re:Connect contest to imagine a better future for the city’s Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts won both public and professional acclaim.

The plan called for their immediate and total removal in favour of new parks and neighbourhoods  in the heart of the city.

Now, the idea is gathering even wider support, as this Hadani Ditmars coverage in tomorrow’s Globe makes clear.

In place of the viaducts, the team including former city planner Larry Beasley, former councillor Jim Green and architect Norm Hotson proposed a sweeping new system of parks and reconnected streets they are dubbing the Viaducts district. By eliminating Expo Blvd. and combining it with Pacific on a slightly new alignment, they maintain traffic capacity and create a huge increase in park space.

Drivers will simply connect to Georgia St. on a new ramp built down to False Creek from the escarpment. The article concludes:

“If people have the courage to come together and implement this plan…” says Mr. Beasley, “…It could be the crowning glory of the city,” interjects Mr. Green, finishing Mr. Beasley’s sentence.

“This could be Vancouver’s defining moment.”