Dept. of Continuous Improvement: West End lane gets name to speed parking enforcement

More evidence, if more is needed, that the City of Vancouver remains tireless in the pursuit of business efficiency:  a small lane at Thurlow and Melville is to be named Hailstone St. to facilitate the timely issuance of parking tickets.

As this report to the next council meeting explains:

“Due to the unique configuration of this lane, Parking Enforcement staff are unable to issue tickets with their palm pilots and must instead issue a manual ticket, causing delays in the ticket being entered into the electronic system. For that reason, the Street Naming Committee agreed to assign a name to the street. Since the “lane” is wider than 10.06 metres it will be named as a street rather than a lane.
“Subsequently, at its meeting on October 13, 2011, the Committee considered, among other suggestions, the name “Hailstone.” William Hailstone was, along with Sam Brighouse and John Morton, one of the original owners of District Lot 185 – essentially the entire West End. At the time, people in New Westminster thought the three gentlemen had made a bad investment based on inexperience, and nicknamed them the “Three Greenhorns”.
“Brighouse and Morton are already commemorated with street names in Greater Vancouver. Therefore the Committee agreed to recommend the name “Hailstone Street” for the subject street.”