When does bus beat the train and what are motorists’ errors? You can find answers in Human Transit

It’s rare to find a book that clarifies the debates that bedevil transit planning — bus versus tram versus Skytrain; connections versus through routes, etc. etc. — but Jarrett Walker does a terrific job in his new book Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives.

Starting with a chapter on What Transit Is and Does, Walker takes his readers through “transit planning for dummies” in a clear and logical way, throwing in excellent illustrations and real-life examples.

Most refreshing is Walker’s refusal to push one particular technology solution or transit theory. When I put the book down, I felt I had a better understanding of the building blocks of decent transit and the planning trade-offs necessary to get there. I recommend it.

Walker, who has done consulting for Translink, publishes an impressive blog.