Did Toronto fix the taxi industry with non-transferable “Ambassador” licences? Not quite

One of the solutions proposed to Vancouver’s outlandish prices for supposedly non-transferable taxi licences — they trade hands at prices over $650,000 each — is a new class of truly non-transferable owner-operator licences akin to Toronto’s Ambassador plates.

Those licences, introduced 10 years ago, were intended to solve a similar problem in that city, where existing owners were able to hold valuable licences while leasing them to drivers at high rates. The Ambassador plates were supposed to end all that.

Now Toronto taxis are under review of the behest of Mayor Rob Ford and the Ambassador solution is considered part of the problem, as this recent analysis in Toronto Life points out.

Note to customers: you can get a cab in Toronto, but rates are not low.

For one taxi driver’s perspective, www.jitneyhack.com offers a look into the Toronto industry.