City to offer range of sites for affordable housing demonstration projects

Reaction to Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Affordable Housing Task Force has generally been so thoughtful and positive that it was reassuring to see Province columnist Jon Ferry denounce it this morning, ranting against the idea that “select, politically favoured income groups [should] have a divine right subsidized housing.”

There is no such proposal in the Task Force’s Interim Report, co-chair Olga Ilich told council today, but there are a series of proposals that could lead some early relief in the form of cheaper row housing in neighbourhoods well-served by transit.

Nor is there a risk of more bureaucracy in a properly-designed housing authority, she said, given that its role would be to provide an interface with private sector developers looking to work on housing targetted at lower income families.

Deputy city manager David McLellan said council will soon receive a report on a plan to allow demonstration projects on a number of city sites to test various strategies to build more affordable housing. The report should come to council before the August break.