After relocating Burrard Inlet, PTB affirms new boundaries for suburban cab pick-up in downtown

When the Passenger Transportation Board unleashed an earthquake in the Vancouver taxi industry by permitting certain suburban cabs to pick up passengers in the downtown core, it compounded the confusion by declaring that the Vancouver pick-up zone was “bounded by Burrard Inlet on the south,” placing it clearly in North Vancouver.

That, and the sweeping territory covered by a decision that was ostensibly focused on the Granville Entertainment District, triggered an appeal by the Vancouver Taxi Association, supported by a City of Vancouver letter, that set out the much narrower boundaries of the Granville Entertainment District.

Earlier this week, a new PTB decision relocated Burrard Inlet north of the City of Vancouver but essentially upheld the earlier ruling, opening the entire city centre  to suburban pickup on weekends and event nights. Although only about 34 suburban cabs qualify for the new rights, enforcement is bound to pose a problem.