Main St. station, Skytrain’s oldest, gets long-overdue upgrade, but there will be service impacts

Translink’s long-awaited upgrade of the Main St. Science World Skytrain station, the system’s oldest, will make for a major improvement in the 1982 facility, but there will be service impacts as construction proceeds on platforms and elevators.

(The whole project highlights the regional importance of facilities that happen to be located in Vancouver. The venerable Main St. station may not look like much, but it is one of the busiest in the Translink system.)

The latest round of public consultation ends Jan. 22, but there will be short-term pain for the long-term gain, as Translink’s latest plans make clear.

When it’s all over, there will be escalator access from both sides of Main St., right to the platform on the west side of Main.

But for four months, starting late in 2013, service will be reduced to allow construction. Some trains will skip the station and a shuttle service will move travellers to Stadium Chinatown from Main St., adding up to 10 minutes to certain trips. It’s the price of progress.