Would a high tech boom hurt or help reduce Vancouver’s inequality?

The provocative new research by Richard Florida on how high tech clusters can hurt low income workers by driving up housing costs has triggered this exploration on Urbanophile that takes the argument a step further, suggesting that “modern day urbanism” may be the real culprit.

(Thanks to Frances Bula for the tweet that led me there.)

The creative class may be having a good time, Urbanophile’s Aaron Renn argues, but the economic growth it generates is not benefitting others. In fact, in the drive to attract “creatives,” city policy makers have developed “a set of policies I call ‘Starbucks urbanism.’ That is, the focus is on an exclusively high end, sanitized version of city life that caters to the needs of the elite with the claim that this will somehow ‘revitalize’ the city if they are attracted there.”