Tourism Vancouver urges council support for Viaducts plan

Vancouver’s proposed plan for replacement of the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts would be “a welcome addition to the downtown area of Vancouver,” says Tourism Vancouver. “You can count on our support.”

The endorsement came today in a letter to Mayor and Council from Tourism Vancouver Chair Bob Lindsay. He wrote:

“On behalf of Tourism Vancouver, I am writing to express our encouragement for the city staff recommendation that more study and analysis be conducted regarding the viability of removing and replacing the viaducts.

“You may be aware that at our recent annual general meeting, Tourism Vancouver president and CEO, Rick Antonson, called the notion of removing the viaducts an inspiring and provocative prospect, one that lets us dream about city building and what might be possible. In that context, exploring the opportunities in an open, fact based discussion and debate, seems prudent (and rather exciting).

“Vancouver needs gathering places where both locals and visitors can interact.  The preliminary plans that contemplate site use that incorporates recreation, tourism and resident based activities would be a welcome addition to the downtown area of Vancouver, and we realize that achieving such would mean contemplating the removal of the viaducts.

“Clearly that – despite the complex issues raised, there is the possibility for a great legacy for residents and visitors alike. In fact, reshaping the so-called ‘tourism corridor’ near the theatres and stadiums is nicely tied to the goals and recommendations contained in the city’s Tourism Master Plan, developed in conjunction with Tourism Vancouver and Vancouver Economic Commission.

“You can count on our support as you go through the evaluation and analysis process. Such an informed public process will undoubtedly identify both hesitations and potential, and will bring forward fresh ideas about what Vancouver’s future might be. We want to share in exploring the potential of this.”