Canadian urbanists issue manifesto for move to “walk, bike, transit” sustainable development

The Charter for Canadian Cities, a manifesto signed last month by a national gathering of Canada’s leading planners and architects, will see our cities evolve into something a little like Vancouver, if the co-conspirators have their way.

Former Vancouver city planner Brent Toderian  reports the urbanists are convinced that:

“Canadian cities must implement a consistent and persuasive new urban model, with corresponding approaches, standards and tools. This model is based on complete, compact, mixed-use, inter-connected, and vibrant neighbourhoods that prioritize sustainable and healthy mobility choices – walking, biking and transit. This new model will replace the unsustainable, use-separated, low-density, car-oriented model of the past.”

Of course, Vancouver has some distance to go before we achieve perfection, and recent highway expansion to the east and south have done nothing to break with our “car-oriented model of the past.”