Villegas seeks to clear up Mount Pleasant consultation confusion

Urbanist Lewis Villegas, who was the focus of my earlier post on the confusion in the Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee, has offered a detailed rebuttal on his own blog, which I am happy to link to here.

Right there in black and white: the proposal to “pedestrianize” Kingsway, which some intervenors at council termed the “closure of Kingsway.” Villegas considers “closure” to be “incendiary  rhetoric” and I have to say, we agree on that! The pedestrian-friendly terminology left me confused about what clearly several called a closure — probably because it is.

Also clarified: how the entire neighbourhood would be “intensified” over 40 years rather than have “towers rammed” down its throat.

As for my suggestion MPIC has “collapsed,” Villegas again begs to differ, reporting that it has been reincarnated in the new Coalition of Neighbourhoods, which of course is not a city-led process, as MPIC was intended to be.

Thanks to Lewis Villegas for this detailed reply. I stand by my interpretation of what I saw, read and heard.