New York’s transit boss rolls back fare increases, pledges service improvements

Tom Prendergast, chairman and CEO of New York’s massive Metropolitan Transportation Authority, announced Wednesday that fare and toll increases will be smaller than expected, but service improvements will continue.

Saying it’s time to give commuters a break, Prendergast rolled back fare increases of 7.5 percent during the next two years to only four percent, still a significant lift, but a big improvement.

“We try to keep costs down in order to minimize the financial burden on our customers, and as this financial plan shows, we are succeeding in that effort,” Prendergast said. “Our customers want value, which is quality and quantity of service, and that service has to be reliable and safe. Through this financial plan, that’s what we work to provide.”

Wouldn’t it be great to have Prendergast working here at Translink? Oh, wait . . . we did. He clearly landed on his feet.