City planner spells out steps to move Grandview Woodlands plan forward

Sixty days after city council responded to Grandview Woodland Area Council demands to slow down and reboot the GW community planning process, the GWAC leadership is frustrated at the lack of action from city staff.

When council voted to drill deeper into community concerns with a Citizens’ Assembly and other measures, it expected that could add more than a year to the planning process.

Now GWAC chair Jak King says “we did ask for an extension to the Plan’s schedule, but had no idea that there would be a hiatus for five months and probably longer.” (GWAC proposed both six-month and one-year delays at various stages of the debate.)

Now Brian Jackson, general manager of planning, has outlined recent city actions in a useful point-by-point response to a blog post by King. (Actually, Jackson’s letter is in the second link in the first paragraph above.)

Glad I could clear that up for you.