Missing from #vancitybird nominees: our own urban Northwestern Crows

Vancouver Park Board’s Vancouver City Bird contest is getting lots of attention, with the five current candidates fighting it out on social media under the hashtag #vancitybird. (You can cast your ballot until May 10.)


Richard Tetrault’s Chinatown Crows, one of a comprehensive series.

But where is the obvious candidate, our own Northwestern Crow, which seems to me to be a defining feature of city life?

(BREAKING: the crow won in 2014! I should jave researched further. But I could, I’d keep the crow again.)

Without going negative on the other candidates, I would point out that the crows are an important part of the city in many ways:

  • they flourish in every neighbourhood, from the Downtown Eastside to Kerrisdale;
  • they clean up waste, admittedly littering quite a bit when they do so;
  • local foodies, they forage for mussels on the shoreline or bugs in the grass;
  • gregarious, they like to talk and get together in groups;
  • they’re smart, innovative and loyal.

On the downside, most of them commute to Burnaby to sleep .

The leading artistic advocate for the crow is,  of course, Strathcona artist Richard Tetrault, whose Urban Crow series is a comprehensive catalogue of the birds in every possible setting.

Smart, urban, resilient, immortalized in art . . . the bird has to the crow. Case closed.