The NPA line on Point Grey bike lane: those “bring back the car” stories in full

Kirk “High Road” Lapointe, the NPA’s candidate for mayor, yesterday issued a series of angry tweets at me that escalated from charges of “fibbing” about his party’s position on the Point Grey bike lane to “fabrication” and finally all-out “lying.”

Mr. Lapointe’s ire was roused by a Vision Vancouver e-mail sent out over my name hailing new highs in bike ridership and, adding “Too bad Kirk LaPointe and the NPA have promised to rip out the Point Grey bike lane if elected. It’s an example of how an out-of-touch NPA would drag Vancouver backwards.”

For those interested in the NPA record on this issue, I offer the following links:

Sounds to me like they’ll get rid of the bike lane. If, unlike Councillor Affleck, Mr. Lapointe favours keeping the lane, a clarification would be appreciated.

Mr. Lapointe said he decided to run for mayor with the NPA because he looked at their record and liked what he saw. For those who follow council closely, that record is one of voting against separated bike lanes, opposing more than 500 units of new social housing  and voting no to more than 700 units of new rental housing.

It’s time for Mr. Lapointe to set out what parts of his party’s past he embraces and what he deems inoperative. A “learning” for him from this week’s campaign: he owns it all.