Translink review has tough calls to make in face of riders’ urge to walk tracks during shutdowns

What’s the solution to Translink riders’ new urge to pry open the doors and walk the guideways during service shutdowns?

Commenters online after last week’s Sept. 8 shutdown urged heavy fines and stronger warnings, which make perfect sense, but that assumes Translink has enough personnel to despatch to such situations with the power to lay the necessary charges. (The current fine is $115.)

One of Skytrain’s great features is the low operating cost that result from automated train control. For Gary McNeil, the independent expert engaged to review the July shutdowns, the latest episodes pose a tough challenge. Adding more staff will erode that advantage.

There will be times when people do need to be escorted from stranded trains. But when they make up their own minds when and how to leave, they risk their lives and hold up everyone else. A solution will not be simple, quick or easy.