With Washington State ready to regulate party buses, will BC finally make a move?

Julie and Danielle Raymond, whose seven-year campaign to win regulation of party buses in this province won unanimous Vancouver city council support through a motion I brought in 2014, are finding more action south of the 49th parallel than they are in BC.

The Raymonds began their campaign after the tragic death of Julie’s daughter Shannon, Danielle’s sister, in a party bus incident.

Their efforts gained momentum as the Vancouver motion was endorsed Maple Ridge, then by the Lower Mainland Local Government Association, the Union of BC Municipalities and the BC Police Chiefs. But so far, Transportation Minister Todd Stone has declined to act.

Now Washington State lawmakers, who heard a presentation with the Raymonds earlier this month, are poised to take action to make the new industry safe, falling in line with jurisdictions like Nevada and California.

NDP Transportation critic George Heyman was again on his feet this week in Question Period, urging Stone to take action.

It’s never too late to do the right thing. Let’s hope Minister Stone is ready to match his colleagues in Washington State.