Julie, Danielle Raymond win long struggle to win regulation of party buses

When Shannon Raymond died in a party bus accident seven years ago, her mother Julie and sister Danielle sought to make sense of her loss by undertaking a campaign to win regulation of party buses by the province of British Columbia.

That campaign came to a successful conclusion today when Transportation Minister Todd Stone announced the province will require party buses to register for special authorization permits with the Passenger Transportation Board.

The Raymond’s efforts had faltered until December 2013, when a Vancouver Sun report on the problems in the industry caught my attention and provoked a motion to council urging provincial action, a motion later endorsed right up to the BC Police Chiefs Association and the Union of BC Municipalities.

Congratulations to the Raymonds for their persistance and courage. No one who heard their story could doubt the love they had for Shannon and their determination to make sure their loss was never repeated.

Just last night, I wondered in this space if BC would make a move. Minister Stone has taken that step and I, for one, welcome it and applaud him.