Federal transit funding and Translink’s efficiency gains are good news; now we just need a Yes vote

Ottawa’s modest but important budget commitment to transit funding has one important catch, thanks to the provincial government: Metro municipalities need a Yes vote in the current transit and transportation referendum to match senior government contributions.

That was Mayor Gregor Robertson’s message yesterday, but there was more good news in a recent assessment of Translink’s efficiency gains by Victoria transportation analyst Todd Litman.

As Burnaby News Leader reporter Jeff Nagel wrote yesterday, Litman’s review of Translink’s costs found it was more efficient that most North American cities and can compare itself to transit veterans like Chicago and San Francisco. What’s more, transit riders themselves are bearing 55 percent of Translink’s costs with fares, a higher share than most other jurisdictions.

More efficiency, federal funding beginning to flow . .  . all that’s needed now is a solid Yes vote to begin long-awaited investments in Metro transit infrastructure.